Friday, April 13, 2007

Due to Popular Demand...

...I am now blogging again!

(Cheers, Fanfare, Celebration, Unabashed Drooling)

Woof and Hello,

The past few months have been a quiet time of self-reflection for me...and by "self-reflection" I mean I've literally been staring at myself in the mirror. It's been unbelievably boring. But staring at myself has led me to one conclusion:

I'm kind of funny looking.

But I'm ok with that...and do you know why? I'll tell you why. I'm ok with being kind of funny looking because I've realized that although I may not be as beautiful as Pinky-Woo-Woo, the poodle who lives across the street and who is actually pink because her owners dyed her fur pink, and who wears pink bows and ribbons, and who has her own pink dog house, and in the winter she wears a pink sweater and booties, and everything about her is pink, Pink, PINK!!!

I'm getting sidetracked.

Anyway, I don't mind being kind of funny looking, because although I may not be beautiful, I Chowder Wubbington can do many things that Pinky-Woo-Woo can't do: I can kick a homerun in kickball, I can read my horoscope in the newspaper, I can cook some simple meals, I've got some awesome dance moves, I've uncovered the fossils of a dinosaur, I know how to find the Big Dipper, I've got a command of the English language (in typed form only, my mouth isn't the right shape to actually speak, what can you do?), I can use a toilet and last but not least...I can BLOG!!!

And so with furrowed brow, unstoppable Drool, and all-around Funny-Lookingness, I am once again...A Blogging Doggy.

Slobberingly yours,