Friday, November 03, 2006

Doggy Dance Machine Goes Haywire

Woof and Hello,

Wow, that's the last time I turn into the Chowder Doggy Dance Machine!!!

Ok, so there I was, it was a rainy Tuesday afternoon and I just couldn't watch another Gilligan's Island re-run. So I turned on the stereo and popped on my favorite Herb Alpert album. If you've evered listened to Herb Alpert while sitting alone on a rainy Tuesday afternoon you know that it's impossible NOT to dance! It started as a simple tapping of my toes. But before I knew it I had become a bouncing inferno of canine rhythm! I had become...the Chowder Doggy Dance Machine.

This was all well and good for the first thirty minutes. I began to feel tired and yet I continued dancing. I was really feeling the beat of the song "Casino Royale" and I had planned on jumping off a wall, doing a back flip, and landing on my back paws with a flourish. But I had become so tired that I just got sloppy and when I jumped up to the wall I slammed against it and stubbed ALL of my toes! All of them!!! Who does that?!

Well let me tell you, it hurt bad. I crawled up to the couch just in time to turn on the People's Court. But my toes swelled up and they hurt so bad for over a week that I was unable to do a lot of my normal things, including emailing and blogging!

It was terrible.

But I've made a full recovery now, and I have to admit that It'd be impossible to keep myself from dancing again. The Chowder Doggy Dance Machine cannot be stopped!

Slobberingly yours,


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